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IFRS Adoption in the U.S.


Patricia Walters, PhD, CFA

Associate Professor of Professional Practice & Director of the Professional Program in Accounting, Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University.

Peter Kaju, B Com, CGA, CIA, ICD.D 
CFO, DisclosureNet™

Date & Time

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

About the Webcast

Successful companies can tell you their smartest decisions are proactive, not reactive.  When it comes to stock price, shareholder value and the bottom line, the best managers anticipate change and act to ensure processes position their company for success. 

This is precisely why U.S. managers and accounting professionals should approach IFRS proactively.

Right now, U.S. companies feel no sense of urgency to understand IFRSs. The SEC staff’s prolonged study and its ambiguous timeline communicate that adopting IFRS will either never happen or at worst “not in our lifetime.” Even if that’s true, IFRSs are here to stay.  At last count, over 190 IFRS-reporting entities are listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  Our nearest neighbors, Canada and Mexico have both adopted IFRSs along with the European Union and over 120 other countries.

Do you want your company to be left out in the cold? Wondering how your financial reporting stacks up against your global competitors?

What you’ll learn:

  • 5 compelling reasons why adopting IFRS is in the best interest of U.S. public and private companies
  • The IFRS Debate:  what are the arguments for and against IFRS for the US
  • The extent to which US companies already encounter IFRS
  • How to make knowledgeable decisions about whether IFRS is right for you

Patricia and Peter will make the case for IFRS adoption, while addressing the consequences U.S. companies face when they ignore the extent to which IFRS already affects them. Join Patricia Walters and Peter Kaju in this engaging webcast that firmly supports IFRSs.  

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